Wireframe: What Good Design Sounds Like

April 11, 2019

we need to approach voice not just as a technology, but also as a design challenge.

Khoi Vinh

From Alexa and Google Home, to the podcast boom and immersive art exhibits, "smart audio" is becoming ubiquitous. That also means sound and voice are becoming a new kind of raw material for experience design. In this conversation recorded live at On Air Fest for the podcast Wireframe, from Adobe and Gimlet Creative, host Khoi Vinh leads a conversation on what it means to apply the primarily visual rules of UX/UI design to the world of audio and voice. That was followed by a live discussion with two guests who are working at the forefront of voice interaction design: Katie Briggs, product designer at NPR, and Will Hall, chief creative officer at RAIN, an agency focused on conversational AI.

Special thanks to Khoi Vinh, Adobe, and Gimlet Creative
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RAIN Creative Agency focuses on conversational AI tools