The Con: An Interactive Audio Crime Story

April 28, 2020

“a new way of telling a story that’s completely immersive.”


Created by Zac Stuart-Pontier (Crimetown) and On Air Fest and starring Edgar Oliver, 'The Con' is a new kind of interactive listening experience. It premiered at Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn as part of On Air Fest 2020. True to form, the story is now available in four acts as a serialized podcast on Spotify and all platforms.

'The Con' unspools as a mysterious crime drama; piped into listener headphones and magically brought to life through installations embedded throughout the hotel. During the weekend of On Air Fest, guests took part in the site-specific experience, following the story as it evolved from room to room.

"We wanted to challenge what it means to truly experience audio," On Air Fest Founder, Scott Newman said. "We treated this story like a work of theatre, and the hotel was our stage." Click the player to start your journey on The Con. Hungry for more? We're in the process now of starting to craft more immersive experiences like this to bring magic and artistry into the podcast space."

Created by Zac Stuart-Pontier and On Air Fest
Starring Edgar Oliver, Shelly Shenoy and Brian Vincent
Inspired by “According to Plan” by Ray Darby
Directed by Zac Stuart-Pontier
Produced by Scott Newman
Music and Sound Design by Kenny Kusiak
Art Direction by Ray Marrero
Production support from Jimmy Tran
Original credit music is ‘Wait For You’ by Rosaleen Eastman
Special thanks to Peter Lawrence, Jemma Rose Brown, James Rasin and Emily Wiedemann