Tape: The Jad Abumrad Interview

March 2, 2018

Every story has to stick with you deeply. It has to etch it's way into your soul before you can even share it.

Jad Abumrad

In this conversation, hear Founder and Co-Host of Radiolab, Jad Abumrad interviewed by Mooj Zadie. The conversation touches on Abumrad’s relationship to doubt, his intoxication with audio, and the moment from his career that will stick with him forever.

Mooj started his podcast, Tape, as a way to understand the personal evolution of his radio heroes. Not only how they make their work, but who they are. He has an unexpected, honest interview style that uncovers a human dimension behind the voices who make great radio. At On Air Fest, Mooj and Jad sat down for an in-depth interview covering the breadth of Jad's creative career.

Mentioned in this conversation:
Jad's podcast about the Supreme Court, More Perfect
The Yellow Rain episode of Radiolab
The Sight Unseen episode of Radiolab about photojournalist Lynsey Addario