Not Past It: 300 Years of the American Tween

February 25, 2022

Which kids have the privilege and the luxury to choose the history they want to engage with?

Simone Polanen

Not Past It host Simone Polanen takes us back to 1692. Something happened in February in Salem, Massachusetts that has shaped the course of our lives today...

Recorded at On Air Fest, this very first live edition of Not Past It follows Simone and guest B.A. Parker as they explore the wide-ranging influence of America’s coolest demographic: tween girls. Simone leads the audience on a historical domino journey that begins in Salem, MA, and leads to Pungo, Virginia and beyond.

Mentioned in this episode:
The first arrests of the Salem Witch Trials
Grace Sherwood, the "Witch of Pungo"
Colonial Williamsburg
Pleasant Roland, creator of American Girl
Connie Porter, writer of the American Girl Addy books