Mastercard's Fortune Favors the Bold Live

April 11, 2019

We have to talk about how we get money, how we spend money. The more we normalize those conversations, the more we'll see people not getting so lost in the muck.

Ashley C. Ford

In the era of candid conversations, money is still a taboo topic. Could being more comfortable talking about money lead to more financial literacy? In this conversation hosted by Ashley C. Ford, hear Thirst Aid Kit Co-Host Nichole Perkins, Millennial Personal Finance Author Stefanie O'Connell and Ashley herself weigh in on how they each approach difficult financial conversations to tell exciting stories. This conversation was recorded and presented as a live episode of Mastercard for their podcast, Fortune Favors The Bold.

Mentioned in this conversation:

Financial expertise from Stefanie O'Connell
Writing from Nichole Perkins
Interviews and appearances from Ashley C. Ford

Special thanks to Mastercard for presenting this conversation.