Jenna Wortham and Mona Chalabi in Conversation

April 4, 2019

There is such a deep intimacy in what people are willing to talk about on the radio. It touches something so within you.

Jenna Wortham

In this episode, Jenna Wortham in conversation with Mona Chalabi. Journalists, cultural critics and friends who support each other’s projects and ambitions. In their work, both Jenna and Mona have an incredible way of picking up on cultural phenomena and trends, teasing out what these observations say about this moment in time. Together they talk about their careers, and then, take an important side step, moving into a necessary conversation on caring for the self.

Mentioned in this episode:

Jenna's podcast Still Processing and co-host Wesley Morris
Black Futures, coming 2020
Mona's column in The Guardian
The Jack Jones Literary Arts Retreat where Jenna and Mona first met
An explanation of the Kamala Harris video controversy
Mona's podcast Strange Bird, sharing stories about miscarriage