Fortune Favors the Bold with Ashley C. Ford

March 5, 2020

We have to start evaluating the ways in which we are complicit in our own oppression.

Lindsay Taylor-Wood

For the season finale of Fortune Favors the Bold from Mastercard, we witnessed an honest, compelling and framework-shifting dialogue about personal finance. In this episode, hear host Ashley C. Ford sit down with comedian, writer, and activist Baratunde Thurston and CEO and founder of The Helm, Lindsey Taylor-Wood live at On Air Fest. Baratunde, Lindsey and Ashley candidly talk about their upbringing and financial identities, and collectively envision a future where women and people of color have access to financial capital.

Mentioned in this episode:
Lindsay Taylor-Wood's company, The Helm
Baratunde Thurston's book, How to be Black
Is Ashley C. Ford a social studies teacher? Her writing class available on Skill Share.