Dan Taberski and Nick Quah in Conversation

March 29, 2019

I'm interested in weird people that nobody talks to anymore

Dan Taberski

Dan Taberski is the host and producer of two influential podcasts, Missing Richard Simmons and Surviving Y2K. Both shows are long form documentaries that track the kind of bizarre stories that prove truth is stranger than fiction. Both shows also hold pieces of Dan’s own story. In this interview with Vulture podcast critic and HotPod Editor Nick Quah, hear how Dan chooses his subjects, what it feels like to release personal projects into the world, and what happened to him the night of December 31st, 1999.

Mentioned in this conversation:

Dan's documentary projects including Missing Richard Simmons and Surviving Y2K
His newest project is Running From Cops
Nick's in-depth insight into the business of the podcast industry is over at Hot Pod
The kid's show on Cartoon Network Destroy Build Destroy
True False Festival in Columbia, Missouri

Special thanks to First Look Media and Leital Molad for helping bring this conversation to the stage.